What is ParCamp?

Every person can do at least one thing better than ten thousand other people. We find that one thing in you.

Here is the founder’s ideation progress; and the material for your due diligence.

Here are five articles which threadbare most aspects of the objective; to move forward.

They all may consume less than half an hour of you, but clear most of the doubts; which normally we harbour in our minds for every unknown thing.

Read them and check your time; how much they consumed of yours, and punch that, in the comment form.

  1. How much time would it take for India to become the biggest economy of the world? And what we can do right now to quicken it? 11+ minute read.

  2. How can India's economy reach 5 trillion? What steps should be taken? 8+ minute read.

  3. Can I earn ten lakh Indian rupees from my native village neighbourhood in 2020? 5+ minute read.

  4. Are there any startups which employ senior citizens in india? 4+ minute read.

  5. How can I earn a million by doing part-time work in India in 2020? 5+ minute read

What problem it solve?:

Frustration of being round peg in square hole.

It’s like:

Round peg in round hole & square peg in square hole


Raving unemployment

Why is it worth trying and buying?:

"Dignified employment with guaranteed enormous earnings"

Who is the target audience?:

Either excellencies who aspire to prosperity, who have the courage to earn ten lakhs or more annually, and those who cherish dreams or unemployed, low paid underemployed, or frustratingly downtrodden youth; Part time opportunity seeker, freelancer, networker.

Passion Aptitude Recognition Camp is the ParCamp®. It has

Registered Trade Mark No. 3552174 Date 19 May 2017 J. No.1805 In respect of:

Legal Security services for the protection of an individual's talent, passion, aptitude and social recognition. Social Service Rendered by others to meet the needs of an individual's career. Recruitment Services for others.