User Agreement

User Agreement

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using this site. Use of this site indicates you accept the terms of this User agreement, Disclaimer and Disclaimer of warranty.


Neither we appointed nor authorised anyone to ask any money from you. We believe your TIME is more precious than your money.

As the site is dedicated to a mission of identifying the one thing in you which you can do better than ten thousand other people; nobody wants any home karte hath jale like condition.

To safeguard interest of all the stakeholders we ask ten digit mobile numbers without country code so at the time of disbursement of anything of value we could precisely recognize you and not anyone else could take credit mistakenly in place of you.

We abide by IIOWC wealth creation standards IIOWC01 for operations and you can find these standards here.

If you use this site you also agree to abide by these standards until you want to remain eligible for getting any benefit from this site.

As this site is not charging any money from you it also has no liability of any kind whatsoever to you or vice versa.

We never never never ask any of your passwords and we suggest you to make it so strong and change it often so nobody can guess it.

I personally have a hundred plus passwords and the secret was disclosed to you in the video; where we ask you Make strong memorable password and Create username.

For getting benefit of any kind we only consider; users with our standard 14 character alphanumeric (first four letters then ten digit mobile number) as asked below the video.

In today’s technology world when in a single attempt by breaking all barriers we reached to Mars; you should not be sceptical about your privacy. Even the world's biggest companies like Sony or White House hacked where NASA and CIA like organization with trillions of expenditure and millions of army could be compromised.

Despite using several layers of security we cannot guarantee privacy of any type to you.

To keep you safe we have a policy of asking only the first four letters of your first name. Like NARE, nobody can predict is it Narendra Modi or Swami Vivakanand.

It is your responsibility to never let us make a mistake.

If you feel something is going wrong it is your responsibility to discuss in the forum of this site else let us know from contact

The moment you come on this site this is recorded. Someone else may register after you is always junior to you in this site's history.

It is your responsibility to become wealthier with the help of this site quicker than any of your juniors. This is only possible by exploring every hyperlink upon this site and choosing the best suitable option for you.

You should always make well informed decisions.

The data you are giving here for the improvement of economy in every possible way. This has to be disseminating to achieve it's Objective

The site will use all the information for the fulfilment of its objectives in any manner which it thinks fit.

Disclaimer of Warranty

This site is provided "as-is" and without warranty of any kind, express, implied or otherwise, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

In no event shall the author of this site be held liable for any loss, damages or any other kind of loss while misusing this site.

License is free for personal, and educational use. In these cases, you are granted the right to use and to make an unlimited number of copies of this site.

Always a donation of your time to support the project is welcome. is not free for commercial use

Restrictions on Use:

This site must not be decompiled, disassembled, reverse engineered or otherwise modified. The site is free for use as long as you adhere the IIOWC01 standards of operation.

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