Camp coordinator


Eligibility criteria

  1. We must have lived in the same village for three generations.

  2. Your desire to help the unemployed youth earn their own bread.

  3. Your ambition to gain respect from the parents of unemployed youth.

  4. Your willingness to interact with neighboring villagers without any prejudice.

  5. Willingness to walk in the neighborhood population; which can span 50 villages?

  6. At least fifty contact numbers on your mobile that listen to you intently.

  7. You must presently unemployed; born after 1 January 1977 and having an Extrovert personality’

If you meet these seven prerequisites, then you are eligible to apply to get the license of camp coordinator

How to apply

  1. We have to click this link after reading this page; displaying as “ParCamp license application for Camp coordinator”

  2. Fill "Your answer" with Name of native village; where our grandparents lived and we are also living there. It is the center from where we can operate our business and work up to a maximum radial distance of ten kilometers from our home.

  3. We have to fill our pin code in the field which becomes visible after the village name. Which you can find with asking your postman; who delivers our post in our village. A Postal Index Number (PIN) refers to the post office numbering from where our post comes via a postman.

  4. We have to select the Period of the license we need to commit our activities for operating in our area.

  5. We have to select our assumed earnings for that period of our dedicated smart work.

  6. We must commit what we are hungry to earn; in the period we opted; for our dedicated hard work by ticking on the radio button under heading of "My planned income in Indian Rupees"

  7. We have to select the amount we want to pay for that license for our selected period.

  8. We have to write Email; which we check regularly and then the mobile number which we access to check the SMS.

  9. That’s it.

Validity of application

Your application will remain valid for 180 days. If the application is found to be perfect for the next level of investigation, we will ask you for more information within this period; For example, you will be asked for your full postal address etc. in the meantime you can do this for the next 180 days.

What to do in these intervening 180 days?

  1. Make your desire to help unemployed youth earn their bread; strong.

  2. Give birth to an ambition of gaining respect from parents of unemployed youth; feel it whole day and night stronger and stronger.

  3. Strengthen the desire to interact with neighboring villagers without prejudice; and start practicing it a little bit.

  4. Keep adding contact numbers of unemployed youth in your mobile who want to listen to you carefully.

  5. Make at least one computer illiterate person your buddy in every village around your neighborhood by telling them about ParCamp. Keep in mind that the person should not own a smartphone otherwise he may also apply for Camp coordinator.

But what do we have to do for our Livelihood?

Till the initial first Camp we have to reach the unemployed youth carrying the literature of ParCamp® for their enrollment.

*After examining your application; if it found perfect; you will be notified after 90 days of your application.